Third Day – Live Wire In Concert


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  • CD-1 Rockstar
  • CD-2 Come On Back To Me
  • CD-3 Sing A Song
  • CD-4 I Believe
  • CD-5 It’s A Shame
  • CD-6 ‘Til The Day I Die
  • CD-7 Wire
  • CD-8 Blackbird
  • CD-9 I Got A Feeling
  • CD-10 Thank You All (Studio Version)
  • DVD1 Rockstar
  • DVD2 Come On Back To Me
  • DVD3 Sing A Song
  • DVD4 Consuming Fire
  • DVD5 I Believe
  • DVD6 It’s A Shame
  • DVD7 My Hope Is You
  • DVD8 ‘Til The Day I Die
  • DVD9 Blackbird
  • DVD10 Wire
  • DVD11 Show Me Your Glory
  • DVD12 You Are Mine
  • DVD13 I Got A Feeling