Kandi Records was started in 2014 by Mark Morrison, a life-long music and record fan. My name is Jacques, and Mark helped me move my turntable repair and sales business out of my house to a shop a few doors down from Kandi Records. After Mark passed away in December 2021, I bought the business from his family.

I started buying records in 1987 as a teen. What really got me into records was my Dad giving me his old hi-fi system with a record player. Thanks Dad.

Even though records went the way of the dodo after CDs got popular, I kept my records and my turntable.

In 2009, as a hobby I started fixing turntables and selling them on Gumtree. In 2015, I gave up my day job and became Turntable Guy.

What Mark and I had in common is a love of vinyl. We both shared the same passion for offering great titles and quality records at Kandi Records.

We strive to offer good prices and accurately graded records and CDs for you to enjoy.

Kandi Records sells stock from both our physical store in Little Mowbray, Cape Town and through our online store. Browse online or come crate-digging at the shop.

We also keep an active wishlist if there is anything specific you’re looking for.