Thursday – Kill The House Lights


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  • CD1. Ladies And Gentleman: My Brother, The Failure
  • CD2. Dead Songs
  • CD3. Voices On A String
  • CD4. Signals Over The Air (Live At Starland Ballroom)
  • CD5. How Long Is The Night? (Original Intro)
  • CD6. A Sketch For Time’s Arrow
  • CD7. Panic On The Streets Of Health Care City
  • CD8. The Roar Of Far Off Black Jets
  • CD9. Paris In Flames (Demo)
  • CD10. Telegraph Avenue Kiss (Rich Costey Mix)
  • CD11. Wind Up (Demo)
  • CD12. Music From Kill The House Lights (Demo)

Kill The House Lights (DVD)

  • DVD1 Feature Length Movie: Kill The House Lights
  • DVD2 At This Velocity (Live)
  • DVD3 Other Side Of The Crash (Live)
  • DVD4 Paris In Flames (Live)
  • DVD5 Autobiography Of A Nation (Live)
  • DVD6 Understanding In A Car Crash (Live)
  • DVD7 Signals Over The Air (Live)
  • DVD8 Sugar In The Sacrament (Live)
  • DVD9 Jet Black New Year (Live)
  • DVD10 Steps Ascending (Live)
  • DVD11 Division St. (Live)

Bonus Material

  • DVD12 I Am The Killer (Live)
  • DVD13 Moe, Larry & Surly
  • DVD14 Ballad Of Andrew