Queen – A Night At The Odeon


Catalogue Number: 0602547500779

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  • No synthesyzers ! Recorded Live At The Hammersmith Odeon 24th December 1975
    Sticker to shrink wrap, states:
  • “Christmas Eve Concert & Bohemian Rhapsody 40th Anniversary Limited Edition
    Super Deluxe Boxed Set
  • CD: A Night At The Odeon, 24th December 1975
    Includes the ‘long lost’ second encore
  • SD Blu-Ray & DVD: A Night At The Odeon,
    24th December 1975 with three bonus tracks
    recorded live at the Tokyo Budokan in 1975
    and previously unreleased documentery
    ‘Looking Back At The Odeon’
  • Bohemian Rhapsody 12″ Vinyl Single
    b/w ‘Now I’m Here’ from Hammersmith Odeon
    soundcheck. Queen’s classic single on 12″ vinyl
    for the very first time and the first time a Queen
    soundcheck has ever been released
  • Features: Deluxe 60-page hardback book and material
    from the Queen archive, including previously unseen
    photographs and reproductions of the original 1975 tour
    program, poster, stage pass, itinerary and concert ticket.
  • 0602547500779″
  • This pressing was released initially for the European market, but was also imported into the US and sold there, with the jacket’s barcode covered by a sticker with a US barcode and cat#, which is part of the Hollywood Records-scheme, Queen’s