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Genesis – A Trick Of The Tail


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CD-1 Dance On A Volcano
CD-2 Entangled
CD-3 Squonk
CD-4 Mad Man Moon
CD-5 Robbery, Assault And Battery
CD-6 Ripples…
CD-7 A Trick Of The Tail
CD-8 Los Endos
DVD: Audio
DVD-1 Dance On A Volcano
DVD-2 Entangled
DVD-3 Squonk
DVD-4 Mad Man Moon
DVD-5 Robbery, Assault And Battery
DVD-6 Ripples…
DVD-7 A Trick Of The Tail
DVD-8 Los Endos
DVD: Visual Extras
DVD-9 Robbery, Assault And Battery (Video Clip)
DVD-10 Ripples… (Video Clip)
DVD-11 A Trick Of The Tail (Video Clip)
DVD-12 Reissue Interviews 2007
Genesis In Concert 1976 42:40
DVD-13 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
DVD-14 Fly On A Windshield
DVD-15 Carpet Crawlers
DVD-16 The Cinema Show
DVD-17 Entangled
DVD-18 Supper’s Ready
DVD-19 Los Endos
DVD-20 ‘White Rocks’ Premiere Programme 1977 (Stills Gallery)